Some people lie, some people are selfish, some people are only in your life to see how much they can get from you….the list of bad human behavior goes on and on.  The question is: What do you do when you have been hurt by one or more of these bad human behaviors?

Being hurt by someone conjures a multitude of negative feelings in us: pain, anguish, depression, and many times anger.  Often times the “need for revenge” is a strong impulse, but more often than not a bad impulse.  So how do we deal with being hurt by someone?  The answer is simple even if the action is not: Forgive Them.   Forgiving someone sets us free from all the negative emotions running rampant within us.  Forgiving someone energizes us because we are no longer being drained of energy by all the negative emotions.  Forgiving someone lets us give the problem over to a Higher Power and get on with our lives, moving past the hurt to new tomorrows full of promise.

Forgiving someone does not mean that you have to maintain a relationship with the person that hurt you…it just means that you are releasing the negative emotions that bound you to that person and moving on with your life.  Forgiveness is a very healthy act: negative emotions cause a lot of stress on the body and forgiveness gets rid of all that stress.

Next time you find yourself hurt by someone, try forgiving them (even if it’s really hard to do)…you’ll feel much better.